Smalley Trailer

Below are pictures of a finished "dresser" area of a horse trailer. This trailer has a 3.5 ft. short wall. Rader Trim insulated, covered the walls, covered the ceiling, built cabinets, made and installed trim, installed tank, pump sink and cowboy shower.



4 Star 5 horse slant Load

Nose area before

Nose area after

Closet, Base cabinet with sink and 3 drawers. Cabinets are made of Black Walnut

Shirt closet goes from floor to ceiling

Wide walnut trim to cover slanted corner found in many 4 Star trailers

Ceiling covered with carpet and trimmed with Walnut strips

Storage cabinet (called “odd box”)

Two shelves inside Odd Box

Boot box

Boot box

Top cabinets above sink. View from the bed area

Two rods inside shirt closet

Drawers can be fastened with hooks for travel. Heavy duty full extension slides are used.

Cowboy shower inside the horse area

35 Gallon water tank, pump, and “on demand” water heater inside closet