Pendleton Trailer

Below are pictures of a finished "dresser" area of a horse trailer. This trailer has a 4 ft. short wall. Rader Trim covered the ceiling, covered the floor, covered the walls, wired for 12 volt lights, and built cabinets.



Dream Coach 3 horse slant load

Bed area before

Bed area after. Walls covered with vertical T&G pine.

Windows in nose area before.

Windows trimmed in nose area.

TV shelf

Ceiling before

Ceiling covered with carpet & trimmed in oak. 3 double bulb lights installed in ceiling.

Front side of long wall before

Font side of long wall. Odd Box

Inside Odd Box. Shelf lifts out to access electrical boxes.

Breaker box & 12 volt converter box inside bottom of Odd Box

Long wall before

Long wall after. Top cabinets with microwave. Base cabinet with 3 drawers & 2 doors. Closet with 2 doors.

Top cabinet with microwave and 3 doors.

Back corner of long wall before

Back corner of long wall after. Closet with clothes rod at top & shelf at bottom.

Top of closet with clothes rod

Bottom of closet with shelf.

Removable shelf inside double doors of base cabinet

View from the bed area before.

View from the bed area after.

View from the bed area after. TV shelf at foot of bed.

Boot box with two lids.

Boot box tapers to the door

Shelf in nose area

Exterior door covered with vertical T&G pine.

Walk through door covered with T&G pine.

Plastic shield to deflect direct air from A/C

It is amazing to see the amount of trim that goes in a 4 foot short wall trailer. Here are 5 tables (one table not in the picture) of trim and shelves that have just been sprayed.