Miscellaneous Small Projects – Page 7

Below are pictures of some miscellaneous small projects we have done






Oak Vanity in bathroom area of horse trailer



Removed a closet and framed & covered walls to make a vanity area



Chase to house plumbing and electric with a shelf on top (behind commode)



This is a BEFORE picture. Compare to the one below – there is no dividing wall separating the kitchen area from the bathroom area.



Here we added a top wall to divide (with a curtain) the kitchen / living area from the bathroom area.



A “Busy Board” made for the grandkids.



Handle and wood at the bottom – slide on a drawer slide



Made to stand up on a kick stand


Queen size Oak headboard

Made to Match costumer’s other bedroom furniture





Didn’t make the cabinets – but made doors, drawers and replaced face frames on top cabinets

These are made of pine – to match face frames on bottom.

Also extended the top cabinet (left of stove). You can see where top cabinets were removed over the bar.

The top cabinets was extended enough to gain and extra door.


Made a total of 19 doors and 6 drawers





Also made a bookshelf for the end of the bar


A keyboard shelf. Made of Alder wood and a clear lacquer finish.


Dathan built this ramp for his in-laws. We made the oak flooring.




Solid Cherry Desktop – 28” deep. Runs 131” on one wall, 120” on next, then 67” on last wall





Keyboard drawers







Two file cabinets on rollers





Corner Cabinet – Lateral files at bottom with top cabinets


Four lateral file drawers









Bookcase (36” wide x 54 3/8” high x 10 ½” deep)



Table for Horse Show Box Seat



Bunk bed – made of soft maple and stained with Lenmar Dark Chocolate


Lots of drawer space

Each drawer is 15” wide – bottom two are 24” long, one is 18” and the top is 15”


 Two drawers under bed are 34” wide and 24” long


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