Miscellaneous Small Projects – Page 2

Below are pictures of some miscellaneous small projects we have done



Built-in cabinet made to match the rest of the cabinets (built in 60’s)

Rader Trim made the paneling to match the rest of the room & made the doors to match the rest of the cabinets

Four pull out shelves

Large storage space above microwave

Dathan made this red oak table. Top: 39” x 39”

Dathan made these chairs to match the table.

Chair have curved skirt to match table

If you are thinking, “Reckon they will make me some chairs?”

The answer is: Absolutely NOT!

Table and chairs together.

Oak Entertainment Center 78 ½” Tall x 50” wide (main section)

Lenmar Golden Oak Stain

Doors in midsection slide back into cabinet. Bottom section has adjustable shelves

Gun Forend for an old 12 Gauge single shot

Gun Forend for an old 12 Gauge single shot

Gun Forend for an old 12 Gauge single shot

Key box (12” wide, 14” high, 2” deep)

Inside Key Box – 16 compartments

Kitchen Cabinets – Red Oak – with recessed panel doors


Top and base cabinets

Top kitchen cabinets

Base cabinets

Lazy Susan in base cabinet

Lazy Susan in top corner cabinet

Top piece over the sink connecting top cabinets

Top cabinets above refrigerator

Shelves inside the top cabinets

Shelf inside the base cabinets

Bathroom vanity

Utility room cabinets above washer and dryer


Cherry Bible Box Dathan made for Leah when he proposed to her.

Notice the ring inside the box.


Oak Children’s Benches 48” long, 18” high and 16” wide


Custom stool (Dathan made) – 35” tall (top 14” x 14”)

Read Oak – Natural finish

Black Walnut plugs cover screw holes

Oak Wagon 22 inches wide and 44 inches long

(10” Wheels – Stain: Minwax Classic Gray #271)

Inside bed. Note the wooden handle

All rails removed for a flat wagon

Pegged screw wholes with black walnut plugs

Pool Stick Holder. Hold nine sticks.

Handicap ramp with roof at my parent’s house.

Handicap ramp